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It seems you've stumbled upon my Acting Reel

Go on, take a gander.

You're in luck! More videos I was able to find while building this site!



Some lil' original characters for ya from a JFL Showcase:
A funny commercial for an app I'm seriously glad exists:
Alcohol commercial, which means (cat's outta the bag) I am at least 25:
I play a bit of a Karen in this short but not, like, the dangerous kind...
In this commercial, my dog is the STAR and I, merely background talent:
Trailer for a show on Amazon Prime called SEGS that I co-wrote based on my time in Austin as a Segway tour guide:
A sketch I co-wrote about one woman's reasons for choosing an IUD:
A sketch I co-wrote about the stigmas of breastfeeding in public:

"My girlfriends and I still talk about how great you were as Snoopy in that play of yours."

― Grandma June

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