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Lauren Knutti

Actor -Writer -Comedian

Illustrated White Cats

Hi babe!


Are you so freaking excited to check out my stuff?

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The *Reel* Me


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Golden Arm Streaming on HBO; Lauren Knutti Radiates Opposite

Mary Holland and Betsy Sodaro

Knutti Dazzles Opposite

Rita Moreno in Upcoming Feature, The Prank

Knutti Slays with Keith Powell in Sundance Feature,

Marvelous & The Black Hole

Knutti Shines Opposite Matt Walsh in Upcoming Feature, Not An Artist 

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What's the tea on Lor-en Canoe-tea?

Creator of
Segs, on 
Amazon Prime

Shot 9




Harold Night
Improv Coach



Lauren Knutti is 100% that bitch

That Irresponsible Bitch

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Under house-arrest for impersonating a lifeguard, she’s just tryin’ to have fun before going straight to Hell. But it's gotten harder to find friends who want to join since apparently, they’re “adults now” and “it’s illegal to steal from girl scouts.” Whatever. Tonight, it’s Chinese takeout and weird sex with the fling who keeps trying to go on dates. 

Kaitlin Olson + Heléne Yorke vibes

That Overachiever Bitch

This enthusiastic, slightly annoying former camp counselor's job is on the line, but her team of RAs would rather butt-chug on the beach than attend ice cream socials and she’s too desperate to be liked to do any reprimanding. Luckily, this eternal optimist is eager to get her ragtag misfits in gear! 
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Amy Poehler + D'arcy Carden vibes

That Karen Bitch

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She's bitchy, neurotic, and conniving. Part-time interior designer and full-time Karen, she’s fueled by vodka, gossip, and being better than you. She seemingly has it all together, but her empty Xanax bottles and definitely gay husband beg to differ. Thank God for sexy tennis coaches. 

Jane Krakowski vibes

That Kooky Bitch

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Free-spirited oddball sex therapist convinced she’s psychic. The high-on-sativa roomie, popping her head in the room like, “Did someone say PARTY!?” She brews her own kombucha and crochets hats for cats.

Lisa Kudrow + Lauren Lapkus vibes

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AND she Writes??

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  • Created and starred in Segs, a series on Amazon Prime based on my former life as a Segway tour guide in Austin

  • Created and starred in Bending The Ending, a choose-your-own-adventure series

  • Was recently paid to write a feature about a teenager who time travels to Victorian London to stop Jack The Ripper

  • In post production on a comedic short film I wrote, produced, and starred in

  • Have completed 4 feature films and 2 pilots

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